2020 Awards Ceremony!

2020 Awards Ceremony

Irvin Enck Leadership Award

This award was presented by Michelle Butler, Director of Operations.

In loving memory of a thoughtful and wise Director at Friendship Community, Irvin Enck, who died in 2014, the Executive Team selects a leader to honor who has exemplified outstanding leadership over the past year.

This recipient joined the Friendship Community team approximately 13 years ago and has continually demonstrated dedication in promoting the health of those they have had the pleasure of serving. In August 2015, this recipient stepped out of their comfort zone and assumed a leadership role offering a wealth of knowledge and experience within a leadership capacity to support services. Throughout the past five years this recipient has shown passion and commitment to their professional growth and that of others, a thirst for more knowledge, a passion for teaching and equipping others, and is a true champion for fostering teamwork. Their compassion is evident not only in their care for individuals we support but also in the concern for team members and our community. This team member is a faithful servant and follower of Christ impacting others in a profound and meaningful way. During a time when we have been challenged in an unprecedented season as a community, this recipient has embraced a deeper purpose amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. They eagerly stepped forward to provide a broader level of leadership support and support to operations as we were impacted by the various facets of the pandemic. They are respected as a leader who brings forth a well-informed and strategic approach to mitigating risk and promoting health. 

This year's Irvin Enck Leadership Award goes to ... Carolyn Rudy! 

Congratulations Carolyn!


The Haverstick Award

This award was presented (on the video) by Kimberly Wohlfeil, Program Coordinator.

This annual award honors Charles and Laura Haverstick’s 3 deceased sons Charlie, David & Glenn, all of whom had disabilities and were served by Friendship Community. 

The Haverstick Award recipient is nominated by Team Members. Recipients are Individuals served by Friendship Community who have shown growth in the following areas:

  1. Giving back to the community
  2. Overcoming significant obstacles
  3. Surpassing previous capabilities

Throughout this past year this recipient has shown tremendous growth in many areas. This individual has faced adversity throughout their life in regards to mental health and general well-being which the individual directly faced this year. They made incredible strides. This individual moved to a new home with a new housemate and new team members. This individual worked through several difficult medical challenges while enduring the passing of the new housemate as well as a team member. All of this occurred during the many changes and restrictions with the covid-19 pandemic. Since the move to this new home this recipient has been able to develop positive connections and new relationships within the community. This recipient has developed new friendships in the local community with whom much time has been spent sitting and chatting. Overall words alone cannot describe the immense growth and strides that this year's recipient has made. What a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. We are delighted and honored to present this year's Haverstick award to Ginger Kline.

This year's Haverstick Award goes to ... Ginger Kline! 

Congratulations, Ginger!


The Gochnauer Award

This award was presented by Norm Ressler, Associate Director of Operations

This award honors the legacy of Mahlon Gochnauer, a founding Board Member, who served on the Friendship Community’s Board for over 20 years. Mahlon and his wife, Doris, had a son with disabilities, named Michael. 

Nominees for the Gochnauer award must serve as a Direct Support Professional, who exemplifies and encourages spiritual growth, advocates for community inclusion, and enables Individuals to “Impact The World With Their Capabilities”. 

This year's Gochnauer Award recipient goes above and beyond to make sure that the Individuals are excited to experience new places, new adventures and new friends all within the confines of this pandemic. This team member faithfully participates in all of the fun here at Friendship Community, capturing photo moments which are shared for all to see. This team member maintains connections throughout the organization as well as the greater community at large. This recipient understands the importance of friendship and thus assists the Individuals that this team member supports throughout the community to join in Milt Stoltzfus’ weekly activities. This recipient is cross-trained in multiple Friendship Community homes and we are so grateful to have this incredible person as a member of the Friendship Community team.

This year's Gochnauer Award goes to ... Rachel Jones! 

Congratulations, Rachel!

Welcome to the Friendship Community Family!

We want to highlight inspiring stories, helpful resources, event info, and more, that would be of interest to those with a heart for Friendship Community and the mission to “Impact the World with Capabilities”.

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