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Historically, some older Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities like Cathy resided in state institutions, attended boarding schools, and transitioned into workshop placements. In the 1990’s, the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) enacted the Everyday Lives initiative for all adults with intellectual disabilities to have the opportunity to integrate into the communities where they resided.

Since 1972, Friendship Community has been meeting the needs of Individuals in residential, day, and homebased services. When these needs are met, they are able to experience that everyday life. The Organization has served hundreds of individuals throughout our 50-year history. Some of those who came to us at a young age and who still call Friendship Community their home, are now aging.

Cathy, however, is an Individual who found a forever home with Friendship Community as an older adult. Cathy came to know Friendship Community by accompanying her sister to some of the many activities offered by our Organization. The care of Cathy became more challenging as the sisters aged. It became increasingly important for Cathy to find her own home with loving caretakers, and Friendship Community was her choice.

The housemates and team members at our Clearview home welcomed Cathy in 2021 with open arms. Cathy found new friends and within no time was beaming because she realized just how much her voice mattered. She quickly began to use her voice to express herself.

Cathy’s joy is reflected in the enclosed photographs. We celebrate the life she has been able to build in the past two years. Together, housemates Cathy, Doreen and Lynn are enjoying her golden years by visiting gardens and beaches, getting their hair and nails done, and enjoying many other community activities – especially eating ice cream. It's because of donors like you that we are able to provide these experiences.

Cathy is the perfect example of ODP’s Everyday Lives initiative. Through encouragement by her housemates and team members, Cathy now advocates on her own behalf – while receiving 24-hour Direct Support Professional care. The Direct Support Professionals are the heartbeat of our Organization and positively impact all 150 individuals.

This is where you come in to make an impact! Friendship Community faces challenges from wage pressures, inflation, higher transportation and other overall costs. To continue to provide the high level of quality care for Cathy and those that we support, we need your help!

Your gift matters because each dollar helps us close that financial gap. Friendship Community is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit and we rely on the generosity of donors like you to continue our daily operations to provide for Individuals like Cathy. Through your gifts, Individuals have a safe environment to be able to find their own voice and reach their full potential. Thank you so much for your support of Friendship Community as we Impact the World with Capabilities!


Contact Sherri Colton, Director of Advancement, for more information.

(717) 656-2466 Ext. 1151 or

Friendship Community
1149 E. Oregon Road, Lititz, PA 17543
Phone: (717) 656-2466
Fax: (717) 656-0459

"Thank you, once again, for the care, guidance and unconditional love you've shown my loved one over these many years. She has been her silly, funny, goofy self and you have really had a positive impact on her love for Bible reading, attending church and cooking." -Cathy, Family Member of a Friendship Community Individual

"I have been donating to Friendship Community for 8 years. I initially chose this Organization to donate to because of the good work they do. I am driven to continue donating to Friendship Community because their influence is needed in the community." - Vicki, Friendship Community Donor

"Your donations also enable us to support the physical health of individuals by providing the necessary supportive equipment, rides to medical appointments, as well as necessary supports professionals to meet everyday needs. Donations also help us to support the psychological and spiritual needs of the individuals we support through activity nights, outings, church participation, behavioral specialists and other community related volunteer programs. These programs enable us to give each individual the best “Everyday Life” possible with purpose, faith, and fun." -Mary Ellen Farber, Friendship Community CEO

“For Friendship Community, the revenue we bring in from fundraising efforts directly impacts those we support and the programs that help them Impact the World with Capabilities!” -Sherri Colton, Friendship Community Director of Advancement

Friendship Community is a faith-based nonprofit Organization cultivating capabilities of Individuals with Intellectual Disability and Autism since 1972.

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