Meet the Team – Residential Managers

Crystal - Started in 2019

Meet Crystal Horst – Residential Manager of Willow Acres Home at Friendship Community. She joined us in 2019 as a Direct Support Professional in our two Lebanon homes, before taking on her current role. Crystal's favorite aspect of her job is working with the Individuals. From fun-filled outings to Hershey Park and Hershey Chocolate World, to the peaceful moments spent with them, she cherishes every interaction. Crystal chose to work at Friendship Community for a simple reason - to be surrounded by individuals who offer a breath of fresh air in a world filled with competition and chaos.

Ashley - Started in 2021

Meet Ashley Brittingham - Starting as a Direct Support Professional at Friendship Community, Ashley has since worked at two other homes and is now the Residential Manager at our Graystone Terrace home. What she enjoys most about her job is the ability to make a positive impact on the individuals' lives every day. Her treasured memories with the individuals include taking walks, having picnics, enjoying ice cream on hot summer days, and attending the Friendship Community Golf Tournament. Ashley is a natural caregiver at heart, being the eldest of five siblings and a loving mother herself. That's why she chose to work at Friendship Community.

Lindsay - Started in 2013

Meet Lindsay Weaver - Residential Manager at our Clearview and Valley View homes. Since 2013, she has held various positions in different homes, starting as a Direct Support Professional, then a Medical Support Professional, and finally a Residential Manager. She is committed to providing the Individuals in her care with a variety of enjoyable and memorable experiences. One of her fondest memories was when she married in 2021 and many of the Individuals she had supported over the years attended the wedding. For Lindsay, working at Friendship Community has a very personal significance. In her early years, she endured a traumatic experience and was fortunate enough to find the support she needed. She asked herself afterwards what she wanted to do with her life. Shortly after, while working at a grocery store, she met an Individual from Friendship Community and, after a few weeks of conversation, realized that she enjoyed interacting with them and this was the path she was meant to be on.

Heather - Started in 2018

Introducing Heather Waters – Heather Waters joined our team in 2018 as a Direct Support Professional and was later promoted to Assistant Manager at our Fairview home. She then accepted the position of Residential Manager. Heather's favorite moments during her time here include having pool parties with the ladies and the team at Fairview, as well as helping them get ready for their day with energizing dance parties in the morning. Seeing the growth in the ladies on tasks and goals they are working on is one of Heather's greatest joys. Heather's passion for serving and supporting Individuals with their everyday lives is what brought her to Friendship Community.

Beverlie - Started in 2007

Meet Beverlie Blake – Residential Manager of River View Home. With 17 years of experience in various positions across two homes, Beverlie thrives in her role supporting Individuals and working alongside her team. One of her fondest memories on the job was taking an Individual out for a ride. When they had hit a bump, he opened his mouth so wide and bursted with laughter. Beverlie was elated to see him smile and laugh. Her passion for working with people is what inspired her to work at Friendship Community, and she takes pride in her work every day.

Lisa - Started in 2014

Introducing Lisa Black – Lisa Black joined the Friendship Community team as a Direct Support Professional in 2014. She has worked in four different homes during her time as a DSP, ultimately leading to her role as Residential Manager. Her favorite aspect of the job is making a positive impact on the lives of the individuals she supports. Lisa finds solace in their personalities and gratitude towards life, which helps her overcome even the toughest days. One of her fondest memories was when an individual placed their hand on her shoulder and prayed for her when she was experiencing arm pain. Lisa and the individuals she works with also enjoy “making it rain” during cherry blossom season in the back yard of their home. Lisa always knew she wanted to work for an agency that made a difference in the lives of individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, but was unsure where to start. Her journey began when an Individual from Friendship Community walked into the barber shop where she was working and she learned about Friendship Community. Lisa is grateful for this opportunity and continues to seek guidance and wisdom from God while working at Friendship Community.

Josephine - Started in 2022

Meet Josephine Ayrton - Josephine is the Residential Manager at our West Orange home. She began her time here at Friendship Community in 2022 and started out as the manager. She has had the privledge of helping out other managers at other homes throughout as well. Josephine says that her favorite thing about her job is that she gets to make a difference in not just the lives of the Individuals but their families as well. In the year that she’s been at West Orange, she has had various interactions with the families and truly see how much they appreciate Friendship Community. She has felt blessed to see growth in the team as they work together to better the lives of those they support.

Danika - Started in 2022

Introducing Danika Stauffer – Meet Danika Stauffer, the Residential Manager of Redwood Circle at Friendship Community. Danika started her journey at our St. Stephen's home as an Assistant Manager. Her favorite part of the job is the opportunity to make a positive impact on the Individuals she supports. Her fondest memories include seeing the Individuals exploring new instruments, visiting the zoo, or simply enjoying a car ride while listening to music, each with a big smile on their face. Danika continues her career with Friendship Community due to the care and kindness that Individuals receive, and the positive impact on their lives.

Tina - Started in 2016

Introducing Tina Kulp – Tina is the Residential Manager of our Miller Drive home. She began her time here in 2016 as a DSP and then moved onto be the Manager. Tina’s favorite thing about her job is building relationships with the Individuals and Team Members here. It also brings her joy to see the Individuals succeed and advocate for themselves. One of her favorite memories here is when she went to Night to Shine with the Individuals of the home and got to see their excitement about the limi ride and red carpet. Tina says that she was unsure about working here at first because she had never done anything like this before but she knew that she wanted a job based on relationships. So Tina gave it a shot and has been here ever since!

Diane - Started in 2013

Meet Diane Rudy - Diane joined us in 2013 as a DSP at our Timerbline residence before advancing to a managerial role. She then trasnfered to our Summerlyn home as their manager where she currently works. Diane finds the most joy in her job through her interactions with the individuals and witnessing their new experiences. One memorable moment for her was observing an Individual guide a new Team Member in cooking. The sense of accomplishment the Individual felt from teaching was truly special. Diane continues to be impressed by the talents and strengths of the Individuals she supports. Diane stumbled upon Friendship Community by chance, as she noticed the sign on the Main Office building during her daily commute. Seeing a job opening, she decided to explore opportunities here. During her interview, she was touched by the positive interactions within the team and the Individuals she met. Even after a decade, Diane's heart remains dedicated to the incredible individuals she works with.

Shana - Started in 2021

Meet Shana Drenning- the Residential Manager at our Conestoga Gardens residences. Shana loves advocating for the individuals she works with daily. Her favorite moments revolve around celebrating birthdays at the Conestoga Gardens home, where everyone comes together with excitement. Starting a career at Friendship Community was inspired by the meaningful interactions with the Individuals, making her journey worthwhile and enjoyable. Shana finds it rewarding to experience the highs and lows alongside these Individuals and sees blessings in encountering Jesus in them every day.

Angel - Started in 2013

Introducing Angel Parkhouse - Angel joined our team in 2013 and has worked in seven different homes, holding various roles. Currently, she serves as the Residential Manager at our Sheep Hill Road residence. Angel finds joy in laughing with the Individuals and witnessing the pure happiness in their eyes. Her fondest memories include taking walks with them, listening to their stories, and finding inspiration in their moments. Angel sought a job where she could make a difference and bring happiness to others, and, in return, the Individuals have brought joy into her life during her time at Friendship Community.

Serena - Started in 2021

Meet Serena Newcomer - Serena joined Friendship Community nearly three years ago in 2021 as a DSP. After working at Willow Acres as a DSP, she transitioned to the role of Manager Assistant. She lent her support to several other homes before eventually becoming the Residential Manager at Sweetbriar. Serena's job satisfaction stems from connecting with the Individuals and appreciating their unique qualities. She expresses gratitude for the joy and blessings they bring into her daily life.

Donna - Started in 2021

Meet Donna Wolfe - Donna is the Residential Manager of our Manehim home. Donna began her journey in 2021 as a DSP, serving in different homes across Friendship Community. Her passion lies in creating a positive influence on individuals and bringing smiles to their faces. Donna views each person she assists as unique and holds a special place in her heart. She describes her experience at Friendship Community as being part of a close family.

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2021 Awards Ceremony!

2021 Awards Ceremony

The Haverstick Award

This award was presented (on the video) by Abby Morris, Director of Operations

This annual award honors Chester and Laura Haverstick’s 3 deceased sons Charlie, David & Glenn, all of whom had disabilities and were served by Friendship Community.

The Haverstick Award recipient is nominated by current Team Members. Recipients are Individuals supported by Friendship Community who have shown tremendous growth in the following areas:

  1. Giving back to the community
  2. Overcoming significant obstacles
  3. Surpassing previous capabilities

This individual moved into Hossler Road awhile back and has continued to overcome numerous obstacles. This Individual has faced various changes throughout her time at Hossler, as her current housemate has gone through some significant health issues. Fortunately, they have recently returned to work at EARS after being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to returning to work, they have also continued other activities and outings that they enjoy doing. Though this Individual has gone through ups and downs throughout the past year, she has done so with a smile on her face and a positive outlook on life.

This year's Haverstick Award goes to ... Tracey Weaver! 

Congratulations Tracey!



The Gochnauer Award

This award was presented (on the video) by Abby Morris, Director of Operations

This award honors the legacy of Mahlon Gochnauer, a founding Board Member, who served on the Friendship Community’s Board for over 20 years. Mahlon and his wife, Doris, had a son with disabilities, named Michael.

Nominees for the Gochnauer award must serve as a Direct Support Professional, who exemplifies and encourages spiritual growth, advocates for community inclusion, and enables Individuals to “Impact the World with Their Capabilities”.

This year's Gochnauer Award recipient works at our Westwood home and is known for her kindness, generosity, and willingness to go the extra mile. This recipient goes above and beyond in providing new opportunities for the Individuals, such as, feeding the ducks at the park, going to the planetarium, enjoying the animals at Lake Tibias, providing craft and art opportunities and so much more! She is grounded in her faith and is willing to pray and talk to the Individuals about theirs. This Team Member strives for a safe and secure environment for the Individuals and assists with things when needed with a cheerful and positive attitude.

This year's Gochnauer Award goes to ... Jill Ann Gormley! 

Congratulations Ann!



Irvin Enck Leadership Award

This award was presented (on the video) by Sherri Colton, Director of Advancement.

This award is in loving memory of a thoughtful and wise Director of Facilities here at Friendship Community. Irvin Enck, who passed away in 2014, was an exceptional leader who left a mark on this Organization. The Executive Team awards a leader who has exemplified outstanding leadership over the past year.

This recipient truly showed his leadership skills throughout the last couple years as the Organization went through various changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, him and his team renovated numerous office spaces that ensured safety for all staff. In addition to serving at the offices, him and his team assisted with multiple projects in our homes, such as making sure all of our aging Individuals were provided with the resources and materials needed, providing meals for our homes who were in lockdown due to exposure, and making sure all homes were stocked with necessary PPE items. This recipient leads his team in unity and goes above and beyond for all team members and Individuals and does it with a smile on his face.

This year's Irvin Enck Leadership Award goes to ... Caleb Cunningham! 

Congratulations Caleb!


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