Friendship Community is looking for donations of new items to help the varied programs within our ministry.  All donations are tax-deductible and tax donation forms are available upon request.

Please contact Cynthia Beebe, Director of Development, at 717.656.2466 ext 1104, regarding specifications and where to drop-off your donations.

Wish List Items

Friendship Heart Gallery

•Point of Sale Inventory System
•Underwrite yearly rent & utilities at Gallery
•Flat screen/CD/DVD player to show streaming advertisement, volunteer training and to share pictures or clips of events and news clips with the artists
•Advertising Fees  $4,000
•Digital camera for gallery
•Professional display booth/table top display
•Sponsor corporate exhibit – Chamber
•Low table and sitting chair

Friendship Community Homes

Home in the Leola Area
•Dining room table and chairs
•Chair to match couch
•Outside Items: Canopy for the Deck (Retractable or tied down) and a new swing and/or swing set for sensory
•Storage cabinets (Pots and pans, craft supplies)
•Gift Certificate to buy sensory and schedule items out of catalog

Home in the Manheim Area:
•Heavy Duty Can Opener
•Spring Wreath

Home in the Lancaster Area:
•Dining room table and chairs
•Non-stick pans
•Area rug (2.5 feet X 4 feet)

Home in the East Petersburg Area:
•Two new Britta Water Pitchers
•Large Flower Pot
•Some 1 and 2-cup serving glass containers with lids (freezer/microwave safe)
•Desk- preferably oak, small, roll-top

Home in the Lititz Area:
•Vacuum Cleaner
•Patio Set (this would include a table with an umbrella and at least 4-6 chairs)

Home in the Brownstown Area:
•Porch Swing
•New Pots and Pans
•Lamps for the living room
•Quesadilla maker

Home in the New Holland Area:
•New Grill
•New Couch
•New Oven

Home in the New Holland Area:
•Picnic Table/ Chairs with umbrella
•Lawn chairs
•Hanging flower baskets
•Garbage disposal in sink

Home in the Ephrata Area:
•New office chair
•Couch with pull-out bed
•Single cup coffee maker
•GPS for Vehicle

Home in the Manheim Area:
•New sofa and love seat
•New digital camera
•New kitchen cookware set
•6 folding chairs
•Treadmill, preferably one that folds when not in use
•Snow blower

Home in the Lancaster Area:
•Glider Swing
•Basketball Hoop
•New pots and pans

Home in the Lebanon Area:
•Couch (preferably faux leather)
•Stationary bike
•Xbox with Kinect
•Awning for back porch
•Greenware ceramic cookware
•Fence for backyard

Home in the Lancaster Area:
•Light at the end of driveway
•Food Processor
•Spice rack



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