Studio Program Lead

The Program Lead will work closely with Studio Managers and Day Services Coordinator to assure adequate coverage of art classes and administrative tasks. The Program Lead will be responsible to instruct at least three classes per week at Friendship Heart Studio. The Program Lead will be responsible for administrative tasks for up to 30 Artists.

1. Demonstrate a respectful, positive attitude that promotes service excellence to Artists, fellow Team Members, families, and / or the general public.
2. Develop and implement lesson plans based on awareness of each Artist’s preferences as outlined in their ISP.
3. Teach specialized art skills to the Artists to demonstrate basic strategies, such as: composition, professionalizing work, and self-presentation, as well as, fostering artistic potential of the program as a whole.
4. Develop an increased understanding and competence of the artistic and learning needs of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism.
5. Complete daily service notes on all individuals assigned to your caseload in compliance with licensing expectations.
6. Communicate effectively and confidently to artists, family members, Team Members, etc.
7. Oversee the management of Volunteers who assist during class time.
8. Track inventory of art supplies and provide it to the Studio Manager for ordering purposes.
9. Maintain appropriate instructor to Artist ratios.
10. Facilitate both classroom prep and clean up with Artists and Instructors.
11. Participate in the annual Art Auction and other promotional events as assigned.
12. Develop and distribute accurate Individualized Assessments in compliance with state regulations.
13. Develop and distribute quarterly Progress Notes in compliance with state regulations.
14. Attend Team Meetings, In-service Trainings, etc. and review those meeting minutes.
15. Ensure ISPs are read and understood by Instructors to best support the Artists.
16. Complete Individual Assessment interviews and attend ISP meetings as required.
17. Maintain accurate and organized records related to the Individual’s ISP, in accordance with the needs and practices of the program.
18. Ensure proper and timely completion of Artist’s annual physicals.
19. Ensure proper and timely completion of all necessary documentation per applicable regulations and guidelines.
20. Facilitate and observe the Individuals’ health and safety.
21. Attend and successfully complete Medication Administration Certification and pour meds as needed. Document and communicate changes in health or behavior(s) to the Studio Manager to assess the Individuals’ overall well-being.
22. Provide transportation for the Individuals to attend Community Participation Supports (CPS) in an effort to expand the opportunities for the Individuals in the larger community.
23. Assist with additional administrative tasks, as determined by Day Services Coordinator.

1. Art Degree/art instruction background required.
2. Respect for Friendship Community’s mission and values.
3. Creative, encouraging, able to multitask.
4. Ability to work as a team player in a stimulating and fast paced environment.
5. Ability to anticipate and respond to the growing needs of the Program.
6. Strong organizational skills are required to assure compliance with ODP regulations.

Additionally, applicants with one of the following are preferred:
1. A master’s degree or above from an accredited college or university and 1 year of work experience directly with persons with disabilities.
2. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and 2 years of work experience directly with persons with disabilities.
3. An associate degree or 60 credit hours from an accredited college or university and 4 years of work experience working directly with persons with disabilities. 4. Proficiency in technical writing skills is required. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite is strongly preferred.

Work Schedule:
This is a full-time, 40 hours a week position, that consists mainly of daytime hours, but will also include occasional special events outside of regular work hours. Weekly schedule will include three days per week of art instruction and two days of administrative tasks, with flexibility to fill-in additional classes, as need. Core instructional hours and program location will be determined by the needs of the program.


Please contact Michelle Scerbo at or call (717) 656-2466 Ext. 1138 for more information.

Friendship Community is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, citizenship or veterans status.

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