Team Member COVID-19
Vaccine Info




We understand that Team Members (TMs) are asking questions regarding the availability of COVID-19 vaccines.  Please be aware that Friendship Community (FC), as an organization, will not be involved in the distribution of vaccines for Team Members, nor will vaccines be mandated for all employees. 

However, we understand that some employees wish to receive the vaccine as soon as possible. Our goal is to identify access points for getting a vaccine and to inform Team Members so they can schedule an appointment, if they wish, to be vaccinated. If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Department.  

Vaccine Scheduling

If/when you receive the COVID-19 vaccine, please send HR a copy of your vaccination card.

Any questions regarding any of these COVID-19 Vaccine Resources, please contact the Urgent Response Line: 717-205-3966 during the hours of M-F 8am-4pm for assistance.

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