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My Friendship Art Gallery & Studio Experience

My Friendship Art Gallery & Studio Experience

by Josh Doughty (Friendship Heart Artist)

I got involved with Friendship Art Studio in 2014. I went there as a student to see if I would like it and I did. Actually, I fell in love with the place and people there. They taught me how to be an artist and by using art tools. Every other Thursday evening I go there. I paint different pictures. Some I painted are…a picture of Michael Landon, the old town of Quebec City, Pride Rock from the Lion King, and the Hans Herr House. I gave that picture to Dave Siegrist, my Friendship mentor, for Christmas in 2017. I would like to thank my teachers, Madison and Stephanie, for helping me to develop my art talent by using different art tools. I really enjoy my time there a lot, doing many kinds of art. I want to go there for the rest of my life. It is a place of fun and laughter. The Friendship Art Gallery has taught me a skill that I never knew I had. What I learned at the Studio I can take with me where ever I go.

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