Meet Josh and his Team Member, Dave.

Josh is a joke teller, nature enthusiast and aspiring author. Dave is a kind-hearted and compassionate Team Member who loves jokes almost as much as Josh. When they get together, adventure (and laughter) abounds. Some weeks, Dave drives Josh to a medical appointment or they determine the best flavor of ice cream at a local dairy. Other weeks, they tackle Josh’s to-do list of grocery shopping and other helpful tasks for Josh’s family. When the weather is nice, they enjoy nature hikes together along the Susquehanna River.

Regardless of what they do or where they go, Dave’s in-home care and unwavering support is tailored to Josh’s specific needs. Today, though, is an important day because Josh has a meeting with his publisher to submit the first rough draft of his new book and review the next steps in the publishing process.

With your gift of $42, you can provide one tank of gas in one vehicle – that same vehicle that transports Josh to becoming not only a more independent and self-supporting community member, but now also a published author.

Welcome to the Friendship Community Blog!

Welcome to the Friendship Community Family!

We want to highlight inspiring stories, helpful resources, event info, and more, that would be of interest to those with a heart for Friendship Community and the mission to “Impact the World with Capabilities”. Hopefully, community members, supporters, team members, and the general public might all find a connection with this vital mission.

If you aren’t familiar with us, Friendship Community is a Christian ministry cultivating capabilities of Individuals with Intellectual Disability and Autism. Our faith-based disability services, including residential services, day programs, and life enrichment opportunities help to Impact the World with Capabilities. Our Team Members provide exceptional care consistent with our values of Relationships, Integrity, Spirituality, Excellence. Partner with us through gifts of prayer, time, and resources and with your help we will Impact the World with Capabilities!

We hope to get to know you better!

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